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Following are locks that work with actual keys:

Warded lock – Uses a set of wards that prevents the lock from opening, unless the correct key is inserted. The key has notches or slots that correspond to the wards in the lock, allowing it to rotate freely inside the lock;

Pin tumbler lock – Uses pins that prevents the lock from opening, unless the correct key is inserted. The key has a series of grooves on either side of the key’s blade that limit the type of lock the key can slide into;

Wafer tumbler lock – Is similar to the pin tumbler lock and works on a similar principle. However, unlike the pin lock (where each pin consists of two or more pieces) each wafer is a single piece. The wafer tumbler lock is often incorrectly referred to as a disc tumbler lock, which uses an entirely different mechanism;

Disc tumbler lock – Consists of slotted rotating detainer discs. They are considered very secure and almost impossible to pick;

Lever tumbler lock – Uses a set of levers to prevent the bolt from moving in the lock. In its simplest form, lifting the tumbler above a certain height will allow the bolt to slide past.

Following are electronic locks that works by means of an electronic current, and is normally connected to an access control system:

Keycard lock – Operates with a flat card that basically has the same dimensions as a credit card, or US driver’s license. Matching the signature within the Keycard will successfully open the door;

Smart Lock – Is electromechanic which basically gets instructions to lock and unlock the door from an authorized device, such as a smartphone for instance, using a cryptographic key as well as wireless protocol.

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