The Worst Places to Hide a Spare Key

It happens to the best us, and it will probably happen to you. Sometimes we get locked out. Or lock ourselves out. Either way, a spare key can be helpful. However, not all hiding spots are good hiding spots. Some can compromise the security of your home and render your locks useless. Here are some [...]

The True Cost of Using Unlicensed Contractors

As we all know, cost of maintaining a home can be truly astronomical at times. If an appliance or fixture breaks it can be really temping to go the cheapest route possible which often means considering the hire of an unlicensed installer. STOP! Think twice! While the upfront cost of using an unlicensed contractor may [...]

How to Avoid Locking Your Keys in the Car

Never take your keys out of the ignition and set them down somewhere in your vehicle. Once you remove your keys keep them in your hand or pocket so that you can be 100% sure that you have them. Don’t give your keys to children! Many children don’t realize the importance of removing the keys [...]

Choosing the right lock for your home

The first step in securing your home is making sure you’re using a sufficient set of locks to keep your home safe. There are generally two types of locks used for home doors, the spring latch and the dead bolt. The spring latch is the weaker of the two locks, but is cheaper and easier [...]

3 Best Places to Keep Extra Keys

Friends and Family – The best possible place to store your extra keys are with a friend or family member. This will ensure that your extra keys aren’t accessible to anyone near or inside of your house Lockbox –Keeping a combination code lockbox is also a safe choice, but you must make sure the box [...]

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