Rekeying Requirements and Information

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Rekeying is where a lock gets changed so that a different key may operate it thereafter. This is normally done without having to replace the entire lock. Rekeying is usually done where the owner of the lock may be concerned about unauthorized people having keys to access the lock. A very good example of this is when you purchase a new home, or even renting. It is suggested that the lock be altered by a registered locksmith in the TN area. Rekeying is a relatively simple process where the tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock is changed, in order for a new key to be able to function with the lock, while the old key won’t be able to.

Interestingly, rekeying was first invented in 1836 by Solomon Andrews, a New Jersey locksmith. His lock had adjustable tumblers and keys, allowing the owner to rekey it at any time. Later in the 1850s, inventors Andrews and Newell patented removable tumblers which could be taken apart and scrambled. The keys had bits that were interchangeable, matching varying tumbler configurations. This arrangement later became the basis for combination locks. (Reference: Wikipedia).

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