It happens to the best us, and it will probably happen to you. Sometimes we get locked out. Or lock ourselves out. Either way, a spare key can be helpful. However, not all hiding spots are good hiding spots. Some can compromise the security of your home and render your locks useless. Here are some places you should definitely NOT hide your spare key:

Under the mat – The first place anyone will look is under your doormat. Just don’t do it.

Fake rocks – Unless you hide your fake rock under a pile of real rocks, this probably isn’t a good idea either.

Flower pots – Flower pots near the front door might seem like a better idea, but really they’re just about as bad as the doormat.

On top of the door-sill, in your mailbox and really anywhere within 10-15 feet of your front door makes it easy for potential burglars to search and find your spare key. For ideas on good hiding spots, check out our other blogs! And if you ever lock yourself out without an extra key, we can help.