Have you bought a new home? Have you bought a new business building? It’s time to re-key your locks! Access Lock and Key will re-key your locks and only the new keys will open your doors! Whether it be your home or business, it is important to feel safe and with new keys you will!

When moving into a new home it is always highly recommended to quickly change the locks on your home. Even if they old owners have given you their keys, you can not be sure they did not have more duplicates and if they will decide to use them again. The priority is to re-key your locks first and maintain a security system second. Only when you have actually changed your locks will your home be secure. We provide re-key services for even storm doors, sliding glass door, locking solutions, deadbolts, handle sets and knob sets professionally installed and re-keyed. With Access Lock and Key it is so easy and inexpensive, there is no excuse to not get it done!

Access Lock and Key will change all of your locks for only $8 per lock! For businesses, we will also provide lock and key services for file cabinets, storage lockers and mailboxes. We will also re-key for desk locks, warehouse, office, store front, panic bars, emergency exits, door closers, and any other necessities you may have. This is a great way to really make your business building your own.

Call Access Lock and Key today to re-key your home or business today at (615)-300-0478!