You just bought a new home, took possession of a commercial property, or have rental properties in Franklin or Brentwood TN.  The number of people with keys to your doors is now an unknown quantity. Hiring a licensed and insured locksmith to secure your home is a small investment in your home’s security!

Whether or not locks need to be replaced depends upon a few different factors.  How old are your locks? Are they in good repair? Are they of good quality? If your locks are high-quality, newer, and in excellent repair – having them rekeyed is an economical and safe option.  . If the lock is re-keyed properly it will offer more effective security than when it came out of the factory

Generally the cost to rekey a lock is between $8 and $12, depending upon having regular keyed entry function, high security commercial or multi-point locks, if you have a working key in your possession (if they’re lost, it’s harder,) and if there are any alarms/panic devices appended to your lock.

College students at Vanderbilt, Lipscomb, Belmont or some other University near Nashville who take possession of off-campus housing should definitely consider having their locks rekeyed. The history of who has keys that would work in your doors is unknown, and living alone, safely, is worth the small cost to have them rekeyed.  

Access Lock and Key Rekeying a High Security Panic device & lock

Commercial businesses may want to rekey more often. Employee turnover creates a significant security risk, and while employees may turn in a key when they leave your employ – there is no guarantee they didn’t make a copy of it before they did turn it in.  Will recommends businesses with employee turnover rekey their locks a few times a year – or as needed.

If you want your locks rekeyed, replaced, or if you’re not sure what you need, give Will at Access Lock and Key a call and he’s happy to discuss your options!