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Lock Re-Keying For Homes & Offices in Brentwood, TN

We can rekey your home and business locks so they can work with new keys.

We Can Re-key Your Current Locks To Work With New Keys

If you’ve lost your keys or want to improve your security, you don’t have to replace the whole door lock on every door. Instead, we can pull out the lock cylinders and change the cylinder pins so the locks work with a brand new key. We can also cut as many new key copies as you need right inside our locksmith van using professional key cutting equipment. When we’re done, only the new keys will open your doors and the old keys will never work again.

Re-keying Is An Affordable Option to Replacing the Whole Lock

image of a lock cylinder removed from the lock and a container of cylinder pins in a variety of colors

When we rekey a lock we use specialized tools to remove the lock cylinder from the lock. Then we replace the pins in the cylinder so it only works with a new key. Here you see a container of pins, a lock cylinder with two new keys, and tools.

Re-keying locks (starting at $12.50 per lock) is a lot less expensive than buying a whole new lock. Pricing is dependent on the possession of a working key or if the locks are on a panic device in a commercial facility or business. Having one key that operates all your home’s locks is super convenient and shrinks your key ring. Most importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing who does and doesn’t have keys to your locked doors. Let us help you secure your nest.

Please don’t rely on the alarm alone. Home security starts with your door’s lock hardware and keys. Keep the unwelcome out from the get-go.

Did You Move Into a New Home? Re-key Your Locks To Improve Your Security

If you have recently purchased a home, especially a newly built home, it is recommended by every security and law enforcement professional to re-key the locks before moving day, or first thing after you move into your new home. Security systems are also recommended, but rekeying all the locks to work with new keys is the top way to prevent unwanted access to your home. Only after re-keying, can you be sure that anyone with the old keys can’t unlock the doors to your new home without breaking in. This first step to securing a home is typically neglected but is a must these days and so inexpensive.

We can even rekey storm doors, sliding glass doors, deadbolts, and all types of exterior and interior handle sets. Do your front and back doors used different keys? Does the doorknob and deadbolt on your front door use different keys? We can rekey them all to work with just one key.

We Can Also Re-key Commercial-Grade Locks

Business and commercial property owners should re-key their door locks biannually or more depending on traffic and the rate of key holder turnover. To really beef up your security, we can install an industrial-grade master key or key control system for your business, warehouse, office space, leased properties, and retail storefronts. We can also rekey locks on panic bars, emergency exits, door closers. We can also provide lock and key services for file cabinets, storage lockers, desk locks,  and mailboxes.

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